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Yoga is for you.

It’s for nourishing your physical body – building strength, increasing flexibility, toning muscle.

And it’s for replenishing your mindset, learning to focus your thoughts and energy in powerfully positive ways.

It’s not just for women or athletes or experienced “yogis.”

Yoga is for everyone. How do I know?

Because once, I thought yoga wasn’t for me. Back then, I wasn’t anybody’s pick for a yogi, much less someone who taught the practice…


I was also 30 pounds heavier, suffering from chronic back and neck pain, and convinced that prescription medication was my only means of comfort.

At my lowest point, I finally decided to try yoga. I had nothing left to lose except my pride.

And it changed my entire life for the better.

Now, I’m physically and mentally lighter, able to keep up with my kids and the demands of a busy life.

And I’ve made it my mission to spread the immense benefits of yoga practice to anyone and everyone who will listen.

So, believe me when I say: yoga is for YOU.

Come try it and see!

** UPDATE: I’m taking the summer off from teaching to spend more time with family (and to fly fish, let’s be real). If you want to join me for yoga, please take a peek at the recorded workouts on my YouTube channel, Yoga With Nick G (also under the “YouTube Workouts” tab on this website). Happy summer season!