My Yoga Fest Bucket List

Yoga festivals are bomb.

Even if you aren’t a total yogi-head, you can’t help but fall in love with the vibe in an atmosphere abuzz with the energy of self-empowerment and personal strength.

And did I mention food? Yoga festivals are usually a great place to grub on earth-friendly, heart-healthy meals designed to uplift and delight. Some festivals even feature things like fresh, locally brewed kombucha on tap.

Now that’s enlightenment.

If you were to do a quick Google search of US yoga festivals, you’d see a TON of opportunities throughout the year to go and see cool new places around our beautiful nation while growing your real-life social network and developing your practice.

Here are the 5 US festivals topping my personal bucket list, in case you needed a bit of inspiration:


This year, the fest is being held in Snowmass Village, CO and in North Lake Tahoe, CA. Having grown up in California, complete with family vacations to Lake Tahoe, I’ve got a special place in my heart for that region of the country.

This event is widely considered THE yoga fest of choice – so much so that there’s now an offshoot “mindful triathlon” called Wanderlust 108. With several “immersion” sessions to inform your personal journey, tons of world-renowned teachers to help deepen your practice, and a handful of select headliners to provide a live soundtrack, this fest promises to be a truly powerful experience.


I have always loved the energy in Boulder, Colorado – the sunshine, the fresh mountain air, the legalized weed. In its 10th year, this yoga and music festival beckons guests to “start your journey home” with a 4-day “celebration of world-class yoga, mind-blowing music, inspirational experiences, and nourishing community.”

With “SEVA,” or selfless service initiatives designed to give back to the local area, as well as uniquely developed immersions meant to deepen your spiritual and physical practice, Hanuman Festival is definitely a top pick on my list.



I’ll be honest – I’ve always had a little curiosity about Cape Cod… which makes this destination yoga festival extra appealing to me. But I also love that the team behind this event have taken time to put together curated experiences, including mini-retreats and luxury hotel packages.

At the festival, there are plenty of opportunities to dive into a variety of meaningful yoga-related topics, including guided breathwork, meditation, techniques to prevent injury, and overviews of different practice types… something for everybody!


I love Utah. The pristine views and amazing mountainscape offered at this Salt Lake City event feed the soul while yoga classes for all skill levels and style preferences strengthen the body.

This festival includes workshops and opportunities to learn more about the practice, as well as cooking lessons for those who need help crafting delicious vegan/ vegetarian options. Delicious food and powerful yoga in one of the most beautiful spots on earth – need I say more?


Nope, that’s not a typo. This festival, organized by The Eureka Institute, is all about feasting! Plus the other must-have elements of a great yoga event: yoga, dancing, performances, workshops, and live music.

In-between classes, you can nourish your body with delicious vegetarian options prepared by the Culinary Arts Program segment of the Northwest Yoga Feast. Learn to make exceptional whole foods-based meals with high nutritional content and flavor – definitely something I need to brush up on in order to strengthen my personal practice!

Please note: I am in no way affiliated with any of these festivals and may not be held responsible if you go to one of these events and have a less than awesome experience.

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