Kitchen Sink Drink

This past week, my family and I road tripped to Sheridan, Wyoming, where I celebrated the 4-year anniversary of my sobriety. Four years ago last Thursday, I took my last sip of alcohol. In many ways, that day marks the beginning of my journey toward better health and yoga- for that, I’ll always be grateful.

It hasn’t been an easy journey by any means. But I’ve made it this far, and I’m pretty proud.

In honor of this milestone, I’m sharing below a non-alcoholic drink recipe my wife likes to make for us. She calls it a “Pineapple Coconut Dandy,” but I’m fairly certain she just made that up on the spot when a friend asked her about it… I call it a “Kitchen Sink Drink” because she just throws in whatever’s in the fridge. The measurements aren’t exact, as it always tastes amazing no matter what. Add alcohol if you like.

Pineapple Coconut Dandy

Start with an empty glass. Add berries. Muddle with a spoon (or cover and shake with ice)

Fill 1/3 of the glass with pineapple coconut water

Fill 1/3 of the glass with limeade or lemonade

Fill 1/3 of the glass with sparkling water

Top with a splash of juice (we used cran-peach)

Bonus: add a sprig of rosemary or mint, slices of cucumber, or a pinch of spray whipped cream to make it a knock-off White Russian

Bottoms up – here’s to your continued health journey, wherever it takes you.

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