Incredible Yoga Benefits: Un-Think Time

When is the last time you had 30 minutes to think about NOTHING?

As a yoga instructor, it probably comes as no surprise to you that I enjoy the practice (and will make the case to anyone and everyone that they should try it, too).

But even when I think I’ve experienced the best parts of yoga, I always seem to discover more reasons why it’s an essential addition to every season of my life. This past week, I found a whole new reason to fall in love with yoga all over again: think time.

Or, rather, un-think time.

See, I’ve got two kids going through the “back to school” stuff at two different schools. This means I’m getting opportunities thrown at me every day to get involved, do more, and help out.

After spending my days attending to duties around the house, building a career, teaching classes, and keeping in touch with friends, I’ve gotta help the kids go through ALL their typical routines… and then get ready to do it all again.

I’m doing all the right things to maximize my time, but there still never seems to be enough of it.

Meanwhile, my wife and I can’t finish a sentence without someone asking us for snacks, complaining that they’re bored, or whining about putting on pants.

My point is: most days, I don’t have time to THINK – let alone center myself.

Except, that is, for the 60-90 minutes I spend on my yoga mat.

Where else can you take a full hour or more to yourself? Where else is the focus on quieting your mind, rather than filling it with more to-do’s and “urgent” tasks?

The brain is a muscle. It isn’t meant to operate full-throttle all day long, constantly bombarded by information on our screens, in our offices, and everywhere we look.

I’m not talking about a long, drawn-out commitment here. I get it, we’re all insanely busy. These days, hectic is just a way of life. But I urge you, as fall and winter approach, to commit to spending some time – even just a few minutes – on your mat.

Give your mind a little space amidst the chaos to shut off and just be. For your own good, for the good of your loved ones, for the good of the world – take some UN-THINK time.

Not sure where to start? Check out my list of upcoming classes and join me!

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