Holiday Travel Tips: But First, Yoga…

The family and I recently traveled to Tennessee for a holiday visit. We had a great time and experienced far less anxiety than usually accompanies trips with our kids…

And I believe it was all due to the power of yoga.

Up to the day of our departure, we were undecided about what activities to pursue during our vacation. We struggled to set a single agenda item, except for one thing: we’d start out the trip with a hot yoga class.

Hot yoga is grounding. It connects you to your body and your surroundings in a very tangible way. Traveling, on the other hand, sometimes leaves me feeling un-grounded; the unfamiliar sights, sounds, and sleeping arrangements can put me at unease.

So, I intentionally took myself from unfamiliar to familiar territory. Although I’d never set foot inside this particular yoga studio before, once I laid out my mat and towel, I was instantly at home.

Plus, the hour-long class gave my wife and I a chance to grab some much-needed solo time before a very social visit. We had time to think, resettle, and to set intentions for the next four days.

With the holidays upon us, I’m sure there are others who plan to travel beyond familiar territory… to a city or town they haven’t experienced, to a family situation that feels chaotic and stressful.

Try something new: start your schedule with hot yoga. It’s a powerful way to ritualize your journey and center yourself before the chaos begins.

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