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Social distancing. Quarantine. Shelter-in-place.

Just like that, our lives are governed by terms that were once unthinkable – terms that many of us, myself included, still struggle to wrap our minds around.

Yet, even in the midst of mandated physical separation from those we know and love, this new (and temporary) “normal” reminds us daily of how much we need one another.

And inspiring us to find creative ways to stay connected.

It’s just like Jeff Goldblum says: life finds a way.

When rumblings of COVID-19 first found their way to my little community in Montana, a text stream began between my cousins – all located in Southern California – and me.

What began as a string of memes and witty one-liners to help lighten the mood in a chaotic and uncertain situation soon became a guide to thriving in isolation – how to pass the time, keep kids entertained, stay healthy and sane.

It soon became clear that keeping fit – a priority for a lot of us in our “regular” lives – was getting harder and harder to squeeze in to daily routines filled with a jumble of homeschooling, work, and maintaining marriage relationships.

Would it be possible, my cousins wondered, for me to put together a class online where we could both connect with each other AND work on our various health goals?

With nothing much else to do and a growing desire to fill the enormous hole in my heart where teaching yoga used to fit, I decided to accept the challenge.

Over the next week, I dove into an online wormhole of blog posts and articles about making quality at-home videos.

With the help of a few tech-savvy friends, I set up a YouTube channel, filmed a couple of initial workouts, and held my very first live, online class.

It felt incredible.

And it’s something I plan to continue for as long as this “new normal” lasts. Maybe even beyond.

I’d love for you to join me on this new adventure.

Maybe, like me, you can find your way toward better health, social connection, and self-fulfillment one yoga class at a time.

Check out what we’ve done so far on my YouTube channel: Yoga With Nick G.

Be sure to subscribe, so you never miss a workout opportunity.

All classes are completely free, although donations are always welcome through my Venmo: YogaWith_NickG. These go toward gear to help me increase production quality and provide a better fitness experience for all.

Whether or not you choose to participate, thanks so much for being a part of this journey so far. I wish you all the best as we navigate these uncertain times.

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