Cinco de Mayo and Mother’s Day – PLUS Our 10th Anniversary: Lockdown Edition

My family looks forward to Cinco de Mayo almost as much as Christmas. Almost. And no, it isn’t just because my last name is Gonzalez.

Since moving to Montana, we’ve found Cinco de Mayo to be a “coming out” day, so to speak. After what feels like 289 solid months of winter, complete with frigid temperatures that keep everyone at home hiding, Cinco de Mayo marks a changing of the seasons.

The sun peeks out. The temperatures climb. The face-freezing wind dials down to a light breeze.

We like to throw a big party every year to celebrate the occasion. Many times, it’s the first we get to see of friends who (like us) spent most of the winter in a state of semi-hibernation. We fire up the barbecue, stock up on Costco’s finest beef tri-tip, and soak in the sun.

But this year, things were different. With COVID-19 running rampant through the country and everyone on quarantine lockdown, we couldn’t go through our usual springtime ritual – at least, not in the same way.

Instead, we took to our yoga mats for a special 60-minute Cinco de Mayo flow series. One which we appropriately titled “Cinco de Thigh-O” for its focus on Hindu Squats (a new favorite of mine) and other thigh-toning poses. (And yes, we still barbecued some tri-tip as a family. What are we without our spring traditions?)

>> Click here to access the Cinco de Thigh-O workout on YouTube

This week was also special because Friday kicked off Mother’s Day weekend AND (drum roll, please) my wife’s and my 10th wedding anniversary. We’ve long looked forward to this occasion (even though neither of us could remember exactly which day it was) as a milestone date.

In 10 years, we’ve accomplished a great many things: a move to Oregon and Montana; multiple job changes; two kids; one dog; selling everything we owned and relocating to Costa Rica to live as minimalist nomads… then buying it all over again when we re-settled in Montana. It’s been a wild ride but always worth it.

Today, it was a delight and a privilege to do yoga with my wife. There were plenty of laughs, as always, and I welcome you to join in the fun whenever it suits your schedule.

>> Click here to access the Mother’s Day weekend kick-off workout.

Until next time,

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