My Motivation Formula

I was out for a walk with a buddy the other day when he turned and asked me, “How are you always so pumped to do yoga? If I had that motivation, I’d be fit all the time.”

It’s a comment I’ve heard before from students, family, and other friends of mine, and it always makes me wish I could offer a picture window into my brain for everyone to see.

Because the truth is, yoga isn’t always easy for me, either. Some days, it’s the last thing I want to do.

During those moments, I’m forced to fight against the same impulses we all experience: our minds telling us “just go watch another show – so what if you miss one workout?”

There are days when, like you, I’m tired, still sore from a weekend hike, or simply not “feeling” it.

Those are the days when I need yoga the most.

Hitting the mat isn’t always easy or fun, but it’s one of the surest ways I’ve found to propel myself out of mental funks, battle stagnation, and move forward.

After all, objects in motion tend to stay in motion – so, when you’re tempted to sit and stagnate, build up some inertia with yoga.

Another way to stay motivated? Create some positive life balance.

I’m passionate about yoga, but that passion won’t stay fresh if I’m on my mat 24/7. Too much of anything – be it cooking, surfing, or gardening – can erode its ability to bring you joy.

So, when I’m not practicing poses, you’ll find me skating with my buddies, flyfishing solo, or outside with my family.

In fact, my YouTube channel features a few fun videos I created of our recent family camping and day trips, because I want you to see that the #YogaLife isn’t a life filled with yoga – it’s a life where yoga is simply one part of the balanced whole.

While you’re peeping those, be sure to check out this week’s workouts:

Fit them into your week when you can, and join me live next Tuesday and Friday from 10:30-11:30am (Mountain Time) for more mat fun.

Until next time,

Nick G.

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