In the last two weeks, I’ve been able to finally achieve two goals on my ever-growing list:

  1. Go on my first outdoor climbing adventure
  2. Put together a brief, 20-minute chair yoga video

Why should this matter to you? Well, for a variety of reasons.

First, because climbing outdoors scared the sh*t out of me. I mean it. I’d like to say I aced it without breaking a sweat. But then there’s the video evidence my wife captured of me at the top, clinging to that slab of rock with all my might and refusing to ever come down.

But I did.

And if I can do something that scares the sh*t out of me, then you can, too. Whether that’s trying something new, trying your hand at a previous hobby, or doing yoga.

Speaking of which, I also put together a 20-minute gentle yoga flow series that can be done all while sitting down.

>> You can check it out (and share it) right here on my YouTube channel.

This particular low-impact workout has been on my mind for some time now, because I wanted to create something my Dad can do from his living room La-Z-Boy.

And guess what? He did! And now, he’s doing it regularly to help increase his mobility and build his endurance for those daily walks around the neighborhood.

I’m pretty proud of that.

In fact, I enjoyed making this workout so much, I plan to put together a few more in the coming weeks… how-to’s for some of your favorite poses, a simple flow series or two designed to target muscles for specific activities, like hiking, swimming, or (what else?) climbing.

Stay tuned – and hang in there! Summer is FINALLY right around the corner.

Take care,

Nick G.

PS – Don’t miss this week’s 60-minute flow workouts on my YouTube channel:

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