Local Donation Means FREE Yoga for Vets

It’s been a few years since I signed on to teach a free veterans’ yoga class in partnership with Missoula’s Learning Center. The non-profit’s Director, Kathy Mangan, is committed to uplifting the health and well-being of our community, a big part of which are veterans needing physical and mental support.

In fact, more than 7,500 veterans call Missoula home. That’s almost 10% of our city population. And each of their journeys toward wellness is unique, often requiring a multi-faceted approach that can include counseling, support for injuries – like yoga, massage, or physical therapy – and more.

My own journey touched on all of these healing modalities, but yoga proved one of the biggest keys to wellness. Which is why I’m honored to offer the same practice to fellow veterans who want to strengthen mind and body. And I’m thrilled to teach these classes FREE of charge, making it even easier to say YES without the added financial burden.

Last week, Kathy and I accepted a $3,500 donation from our local Walmart to help keep this free class going through 2022. We are so grateful and humbled to feel such strong support from the community we love so much.

If you are a veteran (or know a veteran) who might like to do yoga with us, join in every Monday from 2-3pm at Freestone Climbing Gym. We’re a welcoming group, and the positive vibes will stick with you long after class is over.

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